MOTIV’ blog and you

MOTIV’ Marathon blog content
  • Thoughts, ideas, links about what keeps us on the marathon road even if we’ve already finished several of them.
  • Thoughts, ideas, links about our commitment in the sport, about what we are training for, about what makes us thrill and spend so much on our passion in terms of energy, time and sometimes money.
  • These elements will be organized in the 3 main categories displayed in the top menu:
  1. “motivation” (posts about motivation subjects),
  2. “obstacles” (posts about the various obstacles we encounter on the marathon: doubts, injuries, etc.)
  3. “miscellaneous” (posts not about marathon: other sports or life in general)
MOTIV’ Marathon blog readers
YOU! Especially if you are a serial finisher 🙂
But one-shot finishers or “marathon virgins” are also welcome and can read useful insights from “marathon vets”.
So thank you for spreading the word about this blog in your community and online social network! 🙂
MOTIV’ Marathon blog contributors
Me… Because somebody has to start, right? But more important…
YOU!… Because your comments are really expected and your insights will be published in separate posts, whatever your running speed and wherever you use to run.

That’s why this blog is written in English (even if you can easily see that I’m not a native English speaking guy…). English will be our language to share more easily our thoughts, motivation, encouragements and… smiles 🙂

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