About MOTIV’ blog

There are many types of marathon organizations and very different races for a multitude of runners with distinct priorities or budgets. But all these events have at least 2 things in common:
  • They respect the marathon distance (26.2 miles ~ 42.195 km),
  • They are demanding personal physical and mental quests providing runners with interesting thoughts.
A lot is written to motivate “marathon virgins” to register for their initial marathon. Then, once they are hooked to the sport, many performance orientated challenges can provide them with additional motivation for training.
But, apart from these finish time objectives or classification goals, what’s left for multiple finishers? Why do they keep running along their (sometimes painful) marathon road? What keeps their motivation alive?
In MOTIV’ Marathon blog, I will share my thoughts about this but, more important, I hope you will share yours.
(c) darkmatter / flickr

2 thoughts on “About MOTIV’ blog

  1. Great concept for a blog! I’m a “marathon virgin” who signed up for Chicago last week. I need all of the motivation I can get!

    Also curious about your muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis tabs. I used to work for MDA, and it is still an organization close to my heart.

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