A few miles with Scott Jurek!

Yep! Surprise run with a Legend this morning! 🙂

This morning was my weekly long run and I had planned not to start too early because of the cold. But yesterday evening, one of my friends dropped me an email telling me that he was hesitating to go running with Scott Jurek or to start with me later.

“- He is in town these days and a little run with him is organized tomorrow at 9.00am, starting behind the casino… do you know this guy?

– What? Scott Jurek is here and you’re hesitating between Him and me? Let’s go! We won’t run the whole session with Him but we’ll do the first miles on the tarmac along the lake together before they head to the snowy paths of the mountain”.

And that’s exactly what we did.

I’m not a trail runner but I had really enjoyed reading “Born to Run“. So meeting one of the heroes of this book was great. Exchanging a few words with Scott and seeing his smily and humble attitude was really motivating!

OK, now I go swimming. For those of you interested, Scott Jurek is cross-country skiing this afternoon…

(c) christian

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