Bored while running?

There are very different kinds of runners (you already know that!). I mean we are very different. And I don’t speak about our speed or mileage, but more about our thoughts while running.

The other day, I’ve come across a nice post about running on a treadmill. The author is really performant in freeing her imagination to escape from boredom. Something I almost never do.

But then, how comes that I don’t get bored when running while I’m often so impatient in everyday life? Where is my mind then?

Is it still at work? Busy trying to solve issues from the office?… I guess not. Or if it does, I’m not even conscious about it.

Is it enjoying every bit of the environment I’m running in? The colors of the lake? The people I come across?… I never run on a treadmill and I’m lucky to live in a great place (when it’s not totally frozen!) so it could be. But no, it isn’t. Sometimes, at the end of a run, I don’t even remember where I’ve been or whom I’ve met.

Is it already visualizing the next marathon to come? Trying to repeat my runner partition and to internalize sensations?…
Could be but then it would mean that I’m always on track for a future race. And that’s not true.

So, why on earth am I not bored when I run? Where is my mind then?

With the risk of looking like an “ego maniac” guy, here is the answer: my mind is focused on… me, or more exactly on my running technique. Constantly checking if I keep my strides short and frequent, my knees always bent, my upper body relaxed… And when my mind gets tired and starts to wander around, my technique starts to fall apart. Believe me: it’s exhausting!

What about you? Where is your mind when you run?

(c) solea20 / flickr

3 thoughts on “Bored while running?

  1. I was thinking of writing a post on the same topic also. I usually think of inspiring moments of marathons past or I imagine myself running the marathon I am training for.

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