If it’s not about speed, then what?

The other day, I was wondering about my competitive state of mind and I ended up thinking that I could only lose this race against my past. At least, this was my temporary conclusion.

But if running races are not about speed, then what are they about? Aren’t they about pushing ourselves to and beyond our limits? Aren’t they about capitilazing on the competition (and competitors) energy to experience sensations we would never have reached alone during our training?

For sure they are. Races and finish times are powerful magnets. Even now, when I’m not so young and confident, I’m still terribly attracted by these personal challenges of (relative) speed.

But another inner voice* also tells me to move to something else. There must be a less risky approach of races. Less risky but still satisfying for my performance orientated state of mind.

(c) thomas_sly / flickr

* Well… I wish I was inspired by an inner voice but I’m afraid I was more by my painful experience

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