Motivation and target finish times

I’m not a competitor. I mean I don’t like to “race” for classifications, for age-group rankings. That’s why I prefer starting running events or triathlons compared to cycling races, where all that matters is victory or a topSTHG ranking. However, at my modest level, I’m still performance orientated and my motivation is almost always associated with an objective of finish time.

Maybe this is my problem… Because this is still competition. But this time, it’s a race against one single competitor.

In the beginning, it was easy to beat him. Then it seems that he improved because he was defeating me at times. And now I’m the one who struggles and it gets more and more difficult to win. Ultimately I will always lose.

This competitor is me, more precisely my past. My former references, my previous training laps, my old finish times, my PBs… my young days.

Should I try to beat him one more time or should I move to other motivations?

1 thought on “Motivation and target finish times

  1. Good heavens, I truly understand! It is so hard not to compete, the race itself breeds the adrenaline of frenzy alone. Then the timing clocks you pass on every mile finished is difficult to ignore as you weigh whether your splits are going well and how fast you need to pick it up to get a PB. Too much pressure at times!

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