Not motivated… or not in?

Yesterday I talked about reviving my motivation for next month marathon. During the flight, that sentence left me wondering: do I need to revive my motivation? do I lack motivation for running?…

Well… I don’t think so. I couldn’t run a single kilometer for the last three months of 2011. I was dying to get back on track and, right now, I’m still in this state of mind.

But I’m not confident with my running technique anymore. Being so injury-prone in the last few years has turned me eager to run and afraid to run at the same time. I’ve come to fear any sign of discomfort or pain sent by my body.

So now I tend to delay any running commitment or registration. When my sensations are ok, I think again of elusive future finish times but I’m afraid of following any training plan because it puts additional pressure on my shoulders.

Pressure to do what’s scheduled regardless of my sensations. Then feeling of guilt if I skipped the session or worries about injury if I decided to run and if I detected any warning sign afterwards.

Waiting till the last minute before registering for a race gives me freedom of mind to run or not. This is the good side. But, as I’m not in, well… I’m not in and I miss an extra spark of motivation.

Have you met this dilemma? Could you solve it?

2 thoughts on “Not motivated… or not in?

  1. Thanks a million for your kind words on my blog. Geez you have some injury list! I have certainly had my fair share too, but these have reduced significantly when I altered my running style and gait. If you haven’t already it is really worth seeing a gait specialist? Great determination by the way!

    I think we all struggle with motivation at times and it can be a real chore, but I also agree with your blog when you say we are so lucky to be able to run. I think acceptance is key. Accept you will have bad days on the road; accept that you can’t always be at your best; accept you will be deflated at times and accept that you will get injuries. BUT also accept that you’ll have great days; accept you will get personal bests; accept you will be elated at times and accept that you will also be injury free! There is no point worrying, it will not make a positive difference at all! Good luck and I hope you get your mojo back 🙂

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