Cold, other playing ground and “free” WIFI

Cold ! This week was cold, very cold for us. And it should last a full week more with temperatures under minus 10°C. But running is OK because it’s dry healthy cold and sidewalks are not as slippery as they were on Tuesday.

However, I go ! I mean: I take a break in Barcelona this weekend. An extended weekend coz I fly back no sooner than Monday evening. Locals will say it’s freezing in BCN these days but still I’ll get a 10~15°C bonus.

More than that, I’ll refresh my running routine with other streets to stride on and unusual training schedule. I’ll get Mediterranean air to breeze along the beach and hopefully I’ll revive my motivation for next month marathon here.

I’m not a big football (soccer) fan but, as a bonus, I might go watch a Barca match live. Just to experience the atmosphere in Camp Nou.

For now, I’m waiting for my flight at the airport (45′ delay). I’d like to publish this post from there but I can’t and I’m a bit p… off. With no mobile phone on me, it’s not possible to get the code to connect with the “free” WIFI and the airport staff is not really helpful to solve this tiny problem.

The interest of making a break is… to make a break! What kind of a break is it if you remain attached to your mobile leash?

(c) Greg McMullin / flickr

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