Apparently, yesterday was registration day for many and the excitation was palpable: “On October 7th, I’ll be a marathon runner!”, “Chicago, I’m coming!” were the mottos on many blogs and forums.

It seems that buying a start number for one of the five majors is already a big victory. You’d better know which marathon you want to run many months in advance coz they won’t wait for you…

The good side is you have a goal settled long before, plenty of time to get ready for it and a little bit of extra motivation thanks to the money you’ve already spent… The downside is that you also have plenty of time to burn yourself physically and/or mentally if you start putting in training miles too soon.

I guess this won’t be a dangerous threat for my next marathon: I got back to running 4 weeks ago, my longest run so far is under 1h, I haven’t registered yet but, still, I plan to run a marathon in “LSD mode” in 50 days… Yep, I should be able to manage mental burnout and overtraining risk!

Not so sure about undertraining…;)

(c) ifmuth / flickr

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