One year today…

One full year since my last marathon… By then, I knew I hadn’t put in enough training to hope for a « good » finish time. With no speed work and no threshold, there’s no miracle. Maybe the marathon will bring you what you trained for. But no free meal!

I just wanted to run the distance again and to get back some confidence. My real objective for 2011 was supposed to be in May so I had time to run for fun an « exotic » race under the sun of Marrakech.

Well, it rained a little bit on race day but the experience turned out beautiful with a lot of new sensations, some of them pleasant, some of them, well…

I’ve written there is no free meal in the sport of marathon. It’s true, if you only measure your success with your watch. But if you also consider your feelings, your mental attitude, the lessons you learn about the distance and about yourself, then each marathon can bring you a lot, whether you did your homework before or not 🙂


 However, one year later, I still haven’t solved this blister problem… Can you help me ?

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